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The story of Frescura Immagine

The story of Frescura


Pietro Frescura, father and grandfather of the present Frescura Casalinghi owners opens a 2000 square meter household item wholesale warehouse in Piove di Sacco, 20 km from Padova.


Pietro's sons (Bruno, Giuseppe and Franco) move the company to Padova. The new 6000 square meter surface offices does not only deal in household item distribution but also dedicates time and money to porcelain decoration and import.


Another company moving  occurs from Padova to the present offices in Sarmeola di Rubano, a 32000 square meter surface area 18500 of which are indoors.


Frescura Casalinghi changes company structure and becomes Frescura Casalinghi SPA.


The new 1200 square meter showroom is opened.


A new 3000 square meter completely automated warehouse is added to the already existing one.


The warehouse is completely automated. A radio frequency system is installed and a sophisticated logistic software is able to guarantee total management.


A palm-sized computer is given to the sales force staff equipped with a personalized software which allows catalogue management and order collection. Through UMTS , the sales agents are able to connect themselves directly to the company for prompt order processing and deliveries.


Frescura has always been an attentive observer regarding nature and environmental problems. In 2010 the company decides to install a photovoltaic plant architecturally integrated with 578 KW nominal power. The company has adventured into an avant-
gard system where renewable low environmental impact energy is produced. The plant produces electric energy superior to company requirements and thinks well of sending the Enel net company access quantity.


Has become, in time,  a leader in the gifts, porcelain and general household items sector, in 2014 Frescura successfully established itself across the whole field of professional hotel supplies. Frescura became a go-to wholesaler of toys for Triveneto and beyond, assuming a role of primary importance in the distribution of wholesale games to stationers, newsagents, toy stores and GDO.


Frescura developed a Quality Management System within its organization, receiving the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.


Frescura developed a Quality Management System within its organization, receiving the ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

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