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Accessories and various

The seasonal wardrobe changing is quite tedious... to free our closets of the summer clothes to get ready for the winter ones and vice versa is really a household task ! So much dust moving and we really never know where to place them... Offer your customers the right solution by putting on your department shelves our products. Our wide choice of bags, boxes and containers to be used for wardrobe changes guarantees clothes protection from dust; our brooms and feather dusters allow you to clean rapidly and easily in all corners of the house.

Consult our catalogue here below to get know all our offers! 

  • Water bottles
  • Incense burners
  • Evaporators
  • Piumini
  • Brooms
  • Various bags
  • Boxes and containers for the season cloth change


Our brands

Bama (EN)
Stefanplast (EN)
Giòstyle (EN)

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