ATTENZIONE!! Potreste ricevere ordini da FALSI soggetti non riconducibili a Frescura Spa che utilizzano impropriamente i ns. dati.


Cooking has become a tedious and heavy daily job ? Say good bye to old pots and pans by choosing our products from a vast assortment for your department !We have numerous variety  of pots and pans for quick and easy cooking in steel, anti stick, ceramic, aluminium, copper.

See our catalogue listed here below and discover our offers!

  • Steel
  • Anti stick
  • Ceramic
  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Various accessories


Our brands

Frabosk (EN)
Pintinox (EN)
Guardini (EN)
Carlisle (EN)
Fasa (EN)
Lagostina (EN)
Inoxpran (EN)
Enful (EN)
Staub (EN)

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