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Barmen and restaurant owners are constantly asking you innovative products which are able to combine quality and design obtaining elegant solutions? We have great procelains for table decoration (all types of plates, salad bowls and egg holders), for the kitchen (pyrex, high and low rimmed saucepans, casseruoles, pans and lids), for pastry use (cake and crème caramel moulds, various size and shaped bowls) for breakfast and coffee or tea break (cups&mugs and breakfast,tea and coffee plates, milk and sugar bowls tea kettles) For those that are searching for high class solutions we propose complete refined plate sets with combining flower vases and candle holders. 

Browse into our catalogue here below to get acquainted with all our offers!

  • Plates
  • Cups&mugs
  • Milk and tea containers
  • Salad bowls and bowls
  • Oven cooking


Our brands

Saturnia (EN)
Arte&fuoco (EN)
Arabel (EN)
Tognana (EN)
Guardini (EN)
Carlisle (EN)
Lubiana (EN)
Arc (EN)
Seltmann (EN)

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