ATTENZIONE!! Potreste ricevere ordini da FALSI soggetti non riconducibili a Frescura Spa che utilizzano impropriamente i ns. dati.

Kitchen and table accessories

Too much time dedicated to clear up the table. How heavy all those dishes! Let’s suggest “lighter” tables to the customers…. suggest plastic products belonging to our vast assortment! Plates, trays, cups and carafes to easily decorate the table without giving up on elegance and design. For those who want a more functional refrigerator and easily manageable we offer a wide range of containers, big and small and jars of various types. 

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  • Hangers
  • Small containers
  • Cups
  • Carafes
  • Plates
  • Trays


Our brands

Laica (EN)
Snips (EN)
Cosmoplast (EN)
Dem (EN)
Stefanplast (EN)
Giòstyle (EN)

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