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An immense passion for …..sweets! Which is going to be the right recipe for baking tasty and fantastic looking cakes and pastries? Come and visit us in our show room and you will discover the secrets that create the perfect “cake boss”: we have a vast assortment of whips and utensils for dough making, various shaped cake moulds, decorating bags (sac a pouche), biscuit/cookie cutters, pastry cutters and comfortable and decorative cake mats.

Read our catalogue here below to get acquainted with our rich proposal of all our offers!

  • Cake mats
  • Pastry  holders
  • Moulds and shapes for all types of sweets
  • Whips and utensils for all types of sweets
  • Cake plates
  • Siphon seltz
  • Filling bags (sac à poche)
  • Dough and cookie cutters
  • Paper trays


Our brands

Ghidini (EN)
Pedrini (EN)
Guardini (EN)

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