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BBQ ... a time to get together

Etymology and meaning of the term barbecue


The warm season is upon us and the desire to grill in the company of friends is getting stronger. But where does the term "barbecue" come from?

It is a word of exotic origin that maintains the same meaning in almost all languages ​​of the world: cooking grilled foods over hot embers.

It perhaps derives from "barbacoa", with which the Caribi Indians called a wooden grid fixed to trunks under which a fire was lit to smoke meat. It must surely have been one of the first cooking methods used by man at the beginning of civilization, hence its primordial charm.

Another version suggests that barbecue derives from the French “de la barbe à la queue” that is to cook an entire animal impaling it with the spit "from the beard to the tail".

Today the term barbecue refers to a type of cooking on a grill, the instrument used for cooking or to the event (the barbecue) with which foods are prepared in this way and you are in company. Usually, especially in English and American, the term barbecue is abbreviated "bbq".


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