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Timeless elegance

The Seltmann Weiden porcelain dinnerware set


For an establishment to be loved and remembered it must be special and unique. Taking care of the aesthetics of your restaurant or hotel, starting from the table, will help you win over your customers.

If the recipes must be innovative, creative and delicious, the dishes upon which they are served have the main task of enhancing each course to its fullest. Natural, elegant and harmonious colours that create a refined and evocative way of create conviviality.

Seltmann Weiden, a starred chef’s choice

Ceramica e porcellana Seltmann per horeca

The great starred Chefs rely on total white ceramic porcelain lines, with simple and rigorous but undoubtedly captivating shapes. Each restaurant and hotel uses different services, choosing the most suitable table service line depending on the occasion or event, both for practical reasons and to make the table more elegant and formal.

Porcelain signed by Seltmann Weiden is internationaly famous because it guarantees durability but also combines utility and convenience. It is designed for catering and this is why all services are of the highest quality and are made taking into consideration the daily needs of professionals.

For a restaurant professional, the characteristics with which Seltmann line is carefully produced is absolutely fundamental. The strengths of this high quality porcelain are the extraordinary maintenance of heat, the total impermeability and resistance to high temperatures. Seltmann Weiden is historically an extremely flexible company both in terms of timing and quantity of production and decoration.

About the German company Seltmann Weiden

Ceramica e porcellana Seltmann per horeca

Seltmann Weiden is a German company that produces top quality porcelain, characterized by a unique charm: the classic, and now historic, collections include tea sets, consisting of cups and saucers, sugar bowls and teapots, coffee sets, dinner plates, soup plates and dessert plates, dishes and many other accessories perfect both as a dinner service and for breakfast or afternoon snacks.

Elegant and refined, Seltmann Weiden porcelain is made in light and sober colours, such as classic white and cream.

What profoundly distinguishes the style of Seltmann Weiden services are their shapes and lines: from the most classic and rounded to the more contemporary and decidedly minimal.