Wholesale games and toys

The ever-increasing interest in our childrens’ world and their growth makes it particularly interesting to be able to offer all the latest games and toys in the store: your customers will be won over by the range that Frescura can offer your store, with better known and safe toy brands like Lego, Ravensburger, Hasbro, Trudi; wooden and plastic building blocks, dolls and cars and with a very wide range of beach games, holiday and life in the open air. Inflatables, mats, armrests, life jackets, kites, paddles and beach toys will transform your games department into a moment of pure colour and safety.

Catalogue toys

Our brands

Androni (EN)
Mondo (EN)
Smoby (EN)
Intex (EN)
Inker (EN)
Marchio vuoto (EN)
Mattel (EN)
Lego (EN)
Trudi (EN)
Clementoni (EN)
Famosa Giochi (EN)

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