ATTENZIONE!! Potreste ricevere ordini da FALSI soggetti non riconducibili a Frescura Spa che utilizzano impropriamente i ns. dati.

Glass articles

A good meal starts from the table items and decorations used. This is why Frescura selects only the best quality products for your customers. The rich assortment of plates, glasses, bottles, carafes, cups&mugs, containers, salad bowls, bowls and vases has been thought to bring elegance and class to bars, restaurants and pizzerias. 

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Our brands

Libbey (EN)
Luigi Bormioli (EN)
Bormioli Rocco (EN)
Cerve (EN)
Duralex (EN)
Durobor (EN)
Borgonovo (EN)
Pasabahce (EN)
Royal Leerdam (EN)
Pyrex (EN)
Arc (EN)

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