ATTENZIONE!! Potreste ricevere ordini da FALSI soggetti non riconducibili a Frescura Spa che utilizzano impropriamente i ns. dati.

Bar accessories

Donate a modern and bubbly atmosphere to your customer's bars. Propose them to browse into our large item assortment catalogue. We have a big choice of coffee making machines, milk and tea containers to be used in a young and hip hop place. For who wants  a new look to their bar we supply a wide choice of articles to be used on the counters; serviette holders, sugar bowls, bowls and trays, sweet, pastry and salted cracker bowls.

See our catalogue listed here below and discover our offers!

  • Coffee makers, milk and tea containers
  • Serviette holders, sugar containers and tea bag holders
  • Trays
  • Bowls, cake plates, pastry holders
  • Cap, cork remover, pit remover
  • Fruit and salty cracker holderes
  • Shaker
  • Caps


Our brands

Abert (EN)
Ghidini (EN)
Pedrini (EN)
Pintinox (EN)
Campagnolo (EN)
Bormioli Rocco (EN)
Arte&fuoco (EN)
Cosmoplast (EN)
Carlisle (EN)

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