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Above ground pools: how to choose them?

Many useful tips on the choice of pools, maintenance, water cleaning and the purchase of accessories.

Piscine fuori terra

Having a pool in the garden is many people’s dream. Unfortunately not everyone has the space or the possibility to install an in-ground pool. So what to do? The ideal solution is above-ground pools, that is pools that rest on the ground, without digging, with easy assembly solutions and therefore with a

considerable saving on the total cost. Furthermore there is no need to request a permit and if necessary they can be dismantled and moved.

An above ground pool in the garden is a fun way to welcome the summer. There are various models and sizes, they can be inflatable or made up of supporting posts and reinforced sheets, usually in PVC and polyester. The important thing is to choose a certified and qualified manufacturer who can offer you a product and maintenance service that you would expect.

Some practical tips

The above ground pool must be positioned on a perfectly flat, solid and even place: otherwise the walls could collapse, as they would be subjected to an excessive load.

Also the choice of positioning the pool is important: better not near the house or near trees because leaves could dirty the water and the roots, emerging under the pool, could crack it. The ideal position is a sunny area, protected from the wind, and with at least 2 metres of area around the pool, so you can enjoy it to the full.

If well taken care of, the water used to fill the pool can last the entire season: particularly if the it is properly filtered, chemically balanced and the pool is covered when not in use. The filter may not be sufficient on its own to avoid the formation of algae: better to use chlorine and maintain the right pH level. If you want your above ground pool to last a lifetime, dismantle it in winter.

What accessories are needed?

When you buy an above ground pool, all the accessories necessary for its maintenance and operation must be carefully considered. The first element concerns the water filtering system, which includes various components such as sand filters, skimmers, spare pumps, sterilizers.

For this, the support of the company is fundamental and they should be able to answer your questions and suggest the best solution.

Other necessary accessories are water cleaning such as robots or cleaning kits. Furthermore, water purification products to maintain pH and alkalinity at the right levels and prevent the proliferation of bacteria and algae. The last essential accessory is the cover, both for the winter and at night, in order to avoid leaves and dust continuously dirtying the water.


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